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The Future of Teledentistry

We can probably all agree that COVID-19 has changed the way we operate and provide care. As we continue to monitor the pandemic. Protecting ourselves, staff and patients has become an even bigger priority. Therefore, many dental practices have started using teledentistry to triage patients and develop treatment plans.

The use of telecommunication technology is relatively new in dentistry. As a result, many providers have faced issues with coding and billing teledentistry visits. Therefore, the American Dental Association (ADA) recently issued interim guidance for coding and billing virtual visits during COVID-19. You can access this information by clicking the link below.

Although teledentistry is allowed in most states, laws and regulation will differ by state and ultimately determine what services a patient can access. As teledentistry continues to expand, the call to action will grow louder. States without teledentistry will need to adopt guidance and regulation to govern the practice, while other states may need to amend what is already in place. Given the benefits of teledentistry, such as access to care, now is a good time advocate for its use more broadly. How are you utilizing teledentistry in your practice as of now? Do you see this as a good service for your patients? What would you like to see legislation change as it pertains to teledentistry? Let us know, by commenting below.


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