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Review of TMDs and
Non-Odontogenic Pains

Dentists will also learn how to perform the orofacial pain examination, physical medicine techniques, as well as interventional treatment methods. In addition, this course will provide a comprehensive review of non-odontogenic sources of tooth pain.


We have a very active AGD constituent with several continuing education (CE) opportunities through our MasterTrack, Fellowship Study Club, and individual courses. Lecture-type CE courses have used both Zoom and in-person formats, while hands-on courses solely use in-person format. Please visit for a list of upcoming courses and easy online registration. 


In addition to the robust CE offerings, we will have occasional social gatherings (usually in the Scottsdale area for the time being) for you to get together with other dentists and AzAGD members as well as opportunities to be involved in the legislative process to advocate for general dentistry or other aspects of the AzAGD leadership. The AzAGD also has just started to be more active on community issues as well. 


We are very excited that you decided to join the Arizona AGD. Please let us know how we can make your AGD journey exceed your expectations; whether it is CE, Fellowship, Mastership, camaraderie, or service; are achieved. Our goal at the Arizona AGD is for you to be filled with new relationships, better knowledge, rising to challenges, and better dentistry. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

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